is this the roof from faking it

I have been the worst best friend, ever.

i know the first ten minutes of faking it are up but i rly cant even begin to care right now cause my baseball won their division tonight and baseball comes before anything with me sO I WILL TRY TO MAKE SOME FAKING IT POSTS TOMORROW I’M GONNA GO SMILE NOW

pretty little liars as orange is the new black


I didn’t do it. (at Long Beach, California)


Just the four of us.

my main squeeze tobys-durag made a new multi-fandom blog, glensrhees,

if you’re into that


get my vine OR instagram to 100 followers and i’ll post the next 5a crack video :D

in tomorrow’s vid i help you prepare for #fakingit make sure you’re subbed to hashtagpll on youtube :)